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Part 1 How to Avoid Wrong Matching?

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-07-25
Fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan, thinks the most important things for girls is to dress according to your body shape.

On the one hand, not everything can look amazingon everyone. On the other hand, certain fits can accentuate your body and getyou Instagram-ready real quick. All you need to do is remembering to dress for your body shape, and you've officially conquered the style game.

Hourglass Bodies

Hourglass bodies are viewed as the most desirable body shape so if u can select proper styles, you will look superfashion-forward. Designers believe dress is the most choice for this shape. If your body belong to this type, the principle is the easiest: the point is on the waist or we can say It's all about the waist. Literally "dress"it up for every occasion. Dresses are the best option because they cinch your waist in most cases (depending on the dress) and give you a defined shape.However, for this shape, don't wear flowy blouses. They don't do any justice toyour figure and hide your waist instead accentuating it. A no-go for sure.Lace Dress with Mid-sleeve,Chinese Lace dress Manufacturer

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