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Why Girls are stuck in What to Wear

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-07-24
A study of 2,000 Brits found their wardrobe averagely contains 152 items, but just 44 percent of these are worn regularly.There are 3.6 billion clothes left unworn in the Brits' wardrobes – a whopping 57 items per person – with an average of 16 items only worn once and 11 still with the tags on.

I believe every girls have the same experience. There are lots of garments in wardrobe but still we feel we have nothing to wear. And, we keep on buying new clothes and trying new styles. So why girls are stuck in what to wear?

1.Difficult to decide what to wear in office

Part of women tend to worry about their clothing is not proper for working place when they just start their career so they spent much time on choosing what to wear. 37% of women who say choosing an outfit is stressful cite concerns about whether their choice is suitable forwork.

Some people may think it will be better if they work in a company not having dress code. Wrong! Actually, to wear formal suit everyday will be much easier than to select an elegant and fashionable but not casual clothes.

2.Women need a way to express themselves among many choices

Women just have a wider range of beauty practices available to them—they can go to work in suits or maxi dresses,stilettos or brogues. They can wear their hair long or short, and wear makeup,or not. Men, in contrast, have a much more limited set of socially acceptable options for presenting themselves as professionals—relatively short hair,shirts and ties, perhaps a Marco Rubio boot if they're feeling adventurous.From this perspective, women's beauty practices might be seen primarily as a form of creative self-expression—a view that many women do endorse.

3.Skills needed to follow fashion

Women's clothes come in and out of fashionfar more frequently than men's. And women are judged more harshly on this measure.

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