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  • Release on2020-10-10From 15th-24th June,2020, our newest products will be shown at our booth on 128th Online Canton Fair!...Read More>>
  • Release on2020-06-23The 127th session of Canton Fair is being held from June 15th to 24th online,and will provide around-the-clock online services for product promotion, ......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-03-04If you try to dialogue with yourself, you will find that modern women, busy as much as any male character. After a busy work, we may have more tasks a......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-03-03The tweed jacket or coat is a must-have item for this winter and will make getting ready for weekend date easy. Simple design will have you looking s......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-03-02As we know, cropped jacket is the staple outerwear piece every career women need. The collarless jacket with its cropped length and tailored fit feat......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-02-28In the current market, we will have so many options about what to wear in detailed occasions. However, not everyone can have a right item from all kin......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-02-26Does this really mean we can't enjoy fashion at work? not really. Today, more and more clothing brands are working to make work clothes look stylish. ......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-02-25As an old saying goes, less is more. In many occasions, especially in work places, we would like to show our professional style while we do not want t......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-02-24When the time we are striving for our career, our smart and hard work is very important. On top of that, our daily work wear is also crucial for this ......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-02-20Simplified design and functional traits combine high-end sports styling and fashion is the key word. The elastic high-necked top with wide-leg pants c......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-02-12Have you ever noticed that you can walk away from black and white? Wine red is a red with high saturation, but because of the low brightness, if it is......Read More>>
  • Release on2020-02-11The most popular midi skirt style in recent years is the pleated skirt because it looks very elegant. Among them, white pleated skirts are the most po......Read More>>
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