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Part 2 How to Avoid Wrong Matching?

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-07-26
Today, we are going to continue the topic:how to avoid wrong matching? We will mainly discuss about 2 body shapes.

Pear-shaped bodies

If your body is pear shape, you can wear high waist and loose wide legs pant. It will not only make your legs comfortable,but also will perfectly accentuate your body! If your upper part is fine but waist part is flabby. Dont worry: for those with bigger hips/legs and small torsos/arms, the instruction for dressing is quite simple:wear high-waisted and slightly loose jeans. They will highlight your wider hips and make your body shape stand out without clinging to your legs. In addition, wear form-fitting blouses to make your smaller arms stand out. However, Don't wear long skirts. Not only will they hide your best features — your legs and hips, but they will also make your legs look much bigger than they are.

Apple-shaped bodies

For apple-shaped bodies, you should try to draw attention towards your arms and legs instead of your stomach and bust. And pick high-waisted bottoms. Whether it be shorts, a skirt, or jeans, it's best to opt for the high-waisted option to focus attention away from the torso region and highlight the legs. In addition, Choose a structured jacket. It's best to wear a simple cut blazer or sweater that will minimize your waist and create curves in your torso. Don't wear extremely tight tops. This will make your torso, the region where most of your body weight is, look more prominent. Lady Drawstring Waist Wide Leg Pants, China Lady Pants Manufacturer