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What is the Trend of Future Apparel Manufacturing Industry?

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-08-30
Grasping the trend in order to continuously improve its own brand, so what is the trend of the future apparel manufacturing industry?

01.Intelligent manufacturing
The intelligent manufacturing we are talking about is not to say that it completely does not need any works and it means that the equipment is intelligent, the system is intelligent, and the management is intelligent.
The labor-intensive industry is gradually reduced, and intelligent manufacturing is achieved through equipment, system and management updates. Nowadays, the development of science and technology is particularly promising. Many of the things that I have never dared to think about can be easily realized now. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing is the first direction of the future garment manufacturing industry.

02.Environmental protection
At present, China has repeatedly stressed thatwe can not lose environmental protection because of the development of the economy. As a clothing company, we must take responsibility for our environmental protection.All the industrial chains in the apparel industry must be green and environmentally friendly. In particular, some washing and printing industries may pollute the environment. The original washing may be dirty, but now the entire washing process is handled. The water after washing damin, you can even use it to raise fish! This is the concrete manifestation of environmental protection.

Flexibility is how to effectively match sales and orders. All flexible production is based on a planned premise.

04.Industry collaboration
If you still fight alone, you will can not move forward easily. This is definitely not an exaggeration. Others have been replaced with very advanced equipment, and you are still standing still, then you will soon face the end of the elimination. Science and technology have developed too fast. We think it is time for the industry to collaborate. The industry synergy is a high degree of synergy between our designers, brands, and accessories manufacturers. In this context, we can reduce costs and achieve win-win.

05.people oriented
Now it is so difficult for factories to recruit workers. Therefore, we need to have more people -oriented plans for workers. Such as, there must be at least one day of rest per week, which is reasonable for the workers.