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How to Do Younger Brand Marketing?

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-08-29
In the era of big data, digital technology has made information change quickly, and brand younger has become a crucial part of brand marketing. Nowadays, the post-90s group has increasingly become the main force of major brand consumption. Whether it is the rejuvenation of the mentality and taste of traditional consumers, or the rise of emerging young people is unstoppable. According to incomplete statistics, by 2021, the younger generation will account for more than 70% of urban consumption. Therefore, “youngerization” has become a proposition that every brand can't ignore.But many brands are often prone to a misunderstanding: think that brand rejuvenation is young. Therefore, many brands have only reached the "shape" closeness on the road of rejuvenation, but they have failed in the spirit part.

For fashion brands, how to rejuvenate is becoming a major challenge. How should we express the abstract concept of youth?Unexpected partners, unexpected new gameplay, a good cross-border, not only can share consumers' attention of the two brands, but also bring new experiences to customers while enhancing the brand image.Cross-border marketing has long been a new topic. The White Rabbit and a variety of brands have jointly launched ice cream, lipstick, coats, perfumes, toiletries and even a tea shop. The Oriental elements of the Forbidden City are also with Baique Ling, Nongfu purified water, Anta, and Kindle.
And this year's Kaws T-shirts are super hot in UNIQLO shops.The joint program has become an effective way for old brands to open up new consumer groups. The old brand is younger, focusing on the needs of young users, new-born brands mix and match domestic products, and younger marketing can naturally attract the attention of a large number of young people.