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Fashionable People Have This Pair of Pants

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-09-02

As a all year round hot product, we must firstly think of wide-leg pants.It is a leading position in the fashion circle. However, today we will see an upgraded version of the wide-leg pants - "paper bag pants." Paper Bag Pants is a wide-leg pants that is bundled with a belt and a cord on the trousers. This change in detail is more fashionable than the original wide-leg pants!

The paper bag pants have been available since the 1930's year. After adding the binding function to the wide-leg pants, they have been sought after by the fashion circles of that era and become a symbol of women's freedom and liberation! Especially this year is a retro trend, many designers of the big show have put it on the stage.

Basically, wide lef pants have the below advantages:
1. Loose and thinner
The ruffled lace of the waist of the bag and the loose version can be used to modify the legs and waist.

2. Increase the proportion of leg length
Since the paper bag pants have their own high waist line, they can help you raise the waist line, have a perfect proportion, and more leg length!

3. Do not pick the body type
The loose version of the paper bag pants, any body can be easily controlled and it is very stylish.When it comes to matching with paper bag pants, it must not be less comfortable and fashionable white shoes. It seems to be a simple match, but it is one of the TV stars' favorite matchings.