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2020 FW Women's Most Popular Style

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-09-03
    Adjusting the way of life with a sustainable concept, in order to adapt to the highly adaptive level of uncertainty, iterative changes toward a more rational and in line with the current environment. Change is a new beginning. The classical atmosphere is integrated into the current urban society. The tradition and performance are focused, and the natural origin is refined by the interpretation of the times. The expression of classic style tends to be diverse and active, and non-sexism is bound by internal and external liberation. The youth movement has inspired the retro resurgence, and the trend of multiple youthful mix and match is arrogant and inclusive.

    Simplified design and functional features throughout this season's show, the design is more about the coordination between aesthetics and practicality. The full volume contour and the three-dimensional version complement each other, and the simple detail design and the drape structure reshape the free life attitude. The classics are no longer single, tough shoulder details and minimalist deconstruction tailoring, setting off the street style of modern art.

    The new generation of self-subversive personality advocates a more inclusive and free-spirited innovative experience, and the simple and layered style creates a solid and elegant overall atmosphere.The color tones are unified, and the intrinsic usage of colors is also updated, and occasionally embellished with bold colors.

    The original quaint color tends to be softer and fuller, adding a cool grey color to the outdoor color set to create a classic and refined natural style. The warm, high-quality color palette is clean and delicate, with soft and elegant neutral grey accents, adding color and refined feel. Breaking the dark and gorgeous colors, the bright and colorful colors make up the youthful color of the jump, embellished with fresh powder wax to interpret the street style youth style.