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Simple Romantic Style

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-09-04
The return of minimalism pushes romantic sensibility to the new aesthetic dimension. The low-profile design is matched with the soft colors to bring the natural atmosphere into the current urban society. The natural origin of the interpretation of the needs of the times adds to the exquisiteness, exuding the charm of free and easy.
The basic texture material based on pragmatism is the key. The traditional or classic worsted woolen material has a matte finish, and the addition of stretch yarn combines a sense of stiffness and comfort. The blended gloss effect is more compact on the cotton surface, and is presented in a one-piece garment with a dangling body.
And, mobility, airiness and drape are the keys to styling. The lightweight floral dress with a feminine look is once again mentioned, with a simplified and relaxed version that neutralizes the romantic temperament and the modern style of leisure. The full-featured silhouette and the three-dimensional version complement each other, and you can try the simple details and the minimalist drape structure to create a stylish look. in addition, soft and gray tone of the new khaki system for the whole body design, clean and delicate, interpretation of the high quality of life in autumn and winter; brown, dream stone color, bronze khaki exudes urban nature, shimmering potassium yellow with auxiliary color embellishment , glow natural and new.