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Urban Decorationism

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-09-05
Classicism is once again revived, and the decorative look is moving towards a more urban look. Inspired by the upholstery and traditional patterns, the urban dress combines sensual feminine design. Diversified, opposite, seeking common ground while reserving the personality and this shows a new and practical aesthetic.
Matte metal yarn creates a modern, classic-patterned jacquard or embroidered fabric that reveals a subtle look; double-knit or fancy yarn creates a positive and negative face-to-face effect, or combines jacquard or acupuncture to create an elegant and refined natural look. And the urban minimalist design creates a new look, and the different styles of layers are the key to design. The decorative retro prints are more sophisticated with the current demand, and the glossy and frilly design updates the asymmetrical version of the skirt, which is presented in a more urban form.In this season, inspired by classicism, the combination of craftsmanship and humanity, the brightly jumping orange, blue, red and other colors combined with the neutral mahogany tones create a decorative artistic look.