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New Street Style

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-09-11
With the continual blurring of the boundaries between feminine fashion and business suits, the styling is inspired by the industrial style, breaking the routine and re-innovating to create a fashion-new street female image.
This season emphasizes classic style, worsted materials such as linen and cotton blends, fine and delicate, practical and durable. The use of classic plaids is on the rise, reinventing classic textured fabrics such as checkered plaid and pencil stripes, with minimalist or street prints to make the classic plaid set more modern.
This will add new meaning to the neutral exploration, delicate and sturdy material, minimal decorative effect, wide volume and appearance. Medium to long scale design is the key. The tough shoulder detail and minimalist deconstruction tailoring are the focus of innovation, and the splicing details such as neckline and patch pockets highlight the street style of modern art. In addition, neutral gray is not unassuming, has a sense of color, an ideal match with black, low-key. This series is kept in the middle of the high brightness, suitable for women's wear, while creating a young and energetic atmosphere. Bring more possibilities to the new classic collection.