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New Fabrics Inspirations

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-09-16
Redefining fashionism from the perspective of urban women: using materials that are comfortable, lightweight, and have a dangling effect to interpret the wearability. The micro-texture surface conveys the high-grade sense of spring and summer, the elastic yarn outlines the delicate wrinkle appearance, the knitted material is woven with delicate diamond-shaped plaid, and the neat stripe appearance is more refreshing. The delicate and sleek suit fabric, with dense knitwear, is embellished with functional fabrics such as breathable organza and sunscreen nylon to create a sophisticated new female image.
The aesthetic phenomenon of all things combines the classic elements in a more modern and welcoming atmosphere. All kinds of stripes and plaid materials are bold and rich in color, but the number of colors used is no more than three, and the overall appearance is neat and tidy, mostly dyed fabrics. Jacquard fabric with superimposed pattern, dense knit material offers more possibilities for jackets and skirts. Matte matte functional material creates a relaxed, oversized jacket that blends sporty style with street fashion. The flower-like crochet knit reveals the childishness and playfulness of the little girl.