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To win the champion the website battle

  • Author:Rachel Xiao Shan
  • Release on:2016-04-06

   The website battle are organized by ForeseeNet, over 10 foreign trade companies were attending this event. Literally, today is a kick-off meeting of this battle. Companies are divided into two teams, the blue team and the red team, the two teams will have a fierce competition for the crown of champion. Bocherer garment is one of the blue, led by our boss, Steven, who is the founder of Wuhan bocherer garment, our Supervisor of E-business, website editor and senior seo specialists are in this team,too.

   In the next month, our team will focused on the visits increase of our homepage, marketing keywords build up, advertorials adding, etc, to increase the exposure rate of our website from all sides. Personally, I think this is a very good method to improve the quality and usage rates of enterprise website, meanwhile, this battle can also help to build a strong and efficient E-business team of our company. 

  With a professional garment manufacture, diligent business team and a potential E-business team, we can easily see a bright future of Bocherer garment. In the following days, our team will do our best of best, to win the champion of this battle.

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