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A wisdom company can always catch the best chance in the industry

Rachel Xiao Shan 2016-04-06 16:11:21

    China is so famous in the world with “made in China” label, Especially in the garment industry, the whole world love to wear “made in China” clothes, but on the other side, clothes which made in China are always connected with low quality and mediocre designs. Recently years, as China's economic transition, more and more Chinese people realized that we can’t get more market share if still focused on manufacturing cheap and low quality goods. To win more chances in the international market, we need to turn our business into more competitive type. Bocherer garment is one of these company. 

    Bocherer garment have been dealing garment business over a decade and always play a role which responsible to produce. Now, the situation is little different with the leaders’ long-term considerations and strong business acumen, we’ve expand our diversified business rapidly. Manufacturer is still our main business, we own a professional and excellent factory which can handle all kinds of lady garment production work. Besides, we’ve opened up high-end customized business and ODM(Original Design Manufacturer) business, which help us to stand a higher level in the lady garment industry. No matter in what time, what place, market is always full of chances, but only the wise man can see it. Bocherer garment aspired to be a wisdom company and willing to catch every chance to make our business bigger.