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New Fashion Concepts

BBA Group 2020-01-07 14:04:51
In the era of consumer grading, the consumption of sports goods is becoming more and more detailed in market, and start to accentuate environmental protection concepts, adaptability and fashion styling.

The joint cooperation between traditional outdoor brands and fashion designers drives functional design elements to penetrate into daily street wear, and the versatility applicable from home staying to mountain climbing. Through the application of functional fabrics and functional elements, outdoor and commuter dresses are increasingly integrated.As a life attitude, sports look at daily leisure from a more comprehensive perspective. Lifestyle-oriented home clothes are increasingly valued by the market, and are constantly evolving and updating casual outdoor styles, conveying a comfortable and healthy light life concept; Combine science with nature to explore the sustainability and adaptability of climate change adaptation.

In addition, science and technology provide us with a new perspective. Retroism and futurism are connected in two distinct parallel time and space. Designs will pay tribute to the past, celebrate the present and protect the future: eye-catching colors, environmental innovation and pure digital design prevail in the network, presenting a strong design. New life has become a commercial carrier of young people's trend culture.