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Women's Fashion Fabrics

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2020-01-06
This season's trend stems from a pair of fundamental contradictions, which are key points. The new refinement and the popularized fashion promote the all-round improvement of the material quality details. The thin and soft body-fitting fabrics are made of soft-knit knitting with very fine stitch length. It is an ideal material for the inner style; urban women’s expression for fashion is Comfortable, lightweight and draping material combined with real wear; technology elements touch the retro street style, the color expression is more cool and cool, the material emphasizes the functional trend appearance; the glossy evening dress fabric is created It is also a fantasy and realistic electro-acoustic style; the magnificent palace elements and the simple and free nomadic style are reshaped in a way more in line with modern aesthetics, exquisite floating lines, jacquard fabrics with rocky textures, delicate mesh lace. Unique and simple- create a modern urban trend.