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Adding a Touch of Fashion to Classical Style

  • Author:BBA GROUP
  • Release on:2020-01-08
In most of people's eyes, classical style is talking about conservative. However, in this rapidly changeable times, you only need to make a little changes then you could own various stuffs you have never imagined.
For example, lace dress is the first option which many ladies would have when they want to have classical styles. At this moment, you can just have the normal styles of dresses, but try to choose tight one with a hemline at the knee, then complete your look with stunning metal ear rings and neck lace to make the whole look more fashionable. Or you could also choose some unique designs, balanced with a shorter hemline, this type is both youthful and classy. Finish this look by adding a blazer and pair with high heels. In addition, you could add a touch of work style elements to your closet with belts, work bags.