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Fashion Colors Part-two

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-12-09
Aspen Gold
Aspen gold, like the warm sun in the spring, is very warm and full of vitality, giving people a very beautiful and pleasant beauty.
The splendid aspen gold is definitely the most attractive and fashionable spot on the street.

Jester Red
Jester red is a kind of deep red, not as flamboyant as red, but its own elegant temperament is just exactly right, making your look very advanced. Compared to other popular colors with high saturation, Jester Red, which has its own temperament, is more inclusive for all skin types. Whether it is a large area wear or embellishment, it can be good-looking!

Sweet Lilac
The sweet and gentle lilac combines the two dreaming colors of pink and lavender purple. As a symbol of sweet romance, the sweet lilac dress can undoubtedly capture the hearts of the girls and make you a fairy in a second. And if it is applied to neutral style items, it will be able to neutralize the softness of the pink color, which is both soft and handsome. In addition to the black, white and gray colors, the sweet lilac can enhance the texture, and the mix of denim and blue can also avoid the sweetness, creating an easy chic that is both cool and beautiful.