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Fashion Colors Part-one

  • Author:BBA GROUP
  • Release on:2019-12-06
Living Coral
Coral orange, symbolizing happiness and self-confidence, successfully won the 2019 fashion color crown. Vibrant Coral Orange is friendly to every skin colors. The yellow and black skin people can hold it as long as it is not worn in a large area. You can start with a small area of accessories, a touch of coral orange is enough
to be attractive.

Turmeric is a very classic autumn and winter exclusive color. Adding orange tones on the basis of turmeric is a more suitable color for spring and summer. The turmeric orange single product has its own eye-catching charm, and it is often more subtle in its combination, which often highlights its unique charm. The turmeric orange is full of retro flavor, so it is also very well matched with the plaid elements.

Fiesta Red
Putting the fiesta red on the body is undoubtedly the best to create a festive atmosphere. fiesta red in fact, it is not only very eye-catching but also very obvious, so that you can become the most dazzling presence in various gatherings. Fiesta red and black are the best matching. The cool black can suppress the high-profile red, so that overall matching will be more advanced. Contrast with the temperament camel, it also has a unique style, which combines introverted elegance with warm publicity.