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Fashion Colors Part-three

BBA Group 2019-12-10 18:12:35
Princess Blue
Princess blue is one of the rare cold colors in spring and summer fashion, but it is also full of deep and elegant unique charm. Princess blue is full of aristocratic feelings, very elegant and atmospheric. And, it's a perfect color for everyday use, so you don't have to work hard to make your appearance stand out from the crowd.

The seemingly exquisite toffee brown, made up of brown, red and orange tones, exudes a calm and elegant scent. It is obvious that the too sugary color belongs to the earth color, and it is perfectly suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. In the spring and summer, it also has a unique charm, which can make you a clear stream in a colorful dress, and it is a charming scenery.

Sweet corn is quite close to cream white, and it is a little more pale yellow. It is very fresh and soft, but it adds a touch of gentleness and elegance. It is a low-profiled and restrained color with fascinating femininity. Whether it's paired with gorgeous lustrous fabrics o soft wool knit fabrics, the sweet corn color reflects the fresh and elegant French style, and it's the most beautiful color for everyone.