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Refused to Follow the Popular Colors
Release on 2019-09-20Popularity may not be appropriate always, and I prefer to find some fashionable and practical color combinations rather than wear popular color items,...Read More
Fabric Design Elements
Release on 2019-09-18The magnificent palace elements are reshaped in a way that is more in line with modern aesthetics, forming the 2019 romantic spring and summer theme, ...Read More
TEXWORLD in Paris from 16th to 19th September
Release on 2019-09-17Dear everyone, We will attend TEXWORLD fair in Paris from 16th to 19th September and our booth information as below, Paris Le Bourget Exhibition ...Read More
New Fabrics Inspirations
Release on 2019-09-16Redefining fashionism from the perspective of urban women: using materials that are comfortable, lightweight, and have a dangling effect to interpret ...Read More
New Street Style
Release on 2019-09-11With the continual blurring of the boundaries between feminine fashion and business suits, the styling is inspired by the industrial style, breaking t...Read More
Urban Decorationism
Release on 2019-09-05Classicism is once again revived, and the decorative look is moving towards a more urban look. Inspired by the upholstery and traditional patterns, th...Read More
Simple Romantic Style
Release on 2019-09-04The return of minimalism pushes romantic sensibility to the new aesthetic dimension. The low-profile design is matched with the soft colors to bring t...Read More
2020 FW Women's Most Popular Style
Release on 2019-09-03    Adjusting the way of life with a sustainable concept, in order to adapt to the highly adaptive level of uncertainty, iterative...Read More
Fashionable People Have This Pair of Pants
Release on 2019-09-02As a all year round hot product, we must firstly think of wide-leg pants.It is a leading position in the fashion circle. However, today we will see an...Read More
What is the Trend of Future Apparel Manufacturing Industry?
Release on 2019-08-30Grasping the trend in order to continuously improve its own brand, so what is the trend of the future apparel manufacturing industry? 01.Intelligent m...Read More