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Color Tips
Release on 2019-12-04The color tones are unified, and the intrinsic usage of colors is also updated, and occasionally embellished with subversive colors. The original quai...Read More
Stylish Tips
Release on 2019-12-03The slimming effect of the high-waist items is obvious to all, and the short tops are even more popular, which is very suitable for short girls. A shi...Read More
The Interpretation of Claasic Styles
Release on 2019-12-02Adjusting the way of life with a sustainable concept, in order to adapt to the highly adaptive level of uncertainty, iterative changes toward a more r...Read More
Sustainable Fashion
Release on 2019-11-28Fashion, technology and environment friendly in China's textile industry effectively conveys the fashion and trend of China's textile developments. In...Read More
Magic Tools for Matching
Release on 2019-11-21Nowadays, retro is more modern. Time flies in the fashion world as if it is flying faster than yesterday. Today's hot style may become normal today. T...Read More
Our fashion Elements
Release on 2019-11-20We know we could get that far to beside you but if you stay here, I'll keep you young at heart. Be my front row if you're looking for another chic sho...Read More
New look this Winter
Release on 2019-11-18They are like a brave knights living in this society and they are busy in being knowledgeable in various fields and trying to be excellent in all fiel...Read More
New Ideas on Blazer Designs
Release on 2019-11-14For different looks, normal blazers can have different designs ideas. Here we will discuss about several designs ideas. Firstly, for a sophisticated l...Read More
Suits Career Women Must-Have
Release on 2019-11-12The check blazer is a piece of classic item. The simple design is perfectly matched up with an abstract check print and will have you looking chic and...Read More
126th Canton Fair Invitation-Wuhan Bocherer
Release on 2019-10-29Hi everyone! We will attend Canton Fair in Guangzhou,China from 31th Oct to 4th Nov , 2019. And our booth number is 3.1G39-40. We would look forward t...Read More