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Hippie Style

  • Author:BBA GROUP
  • Release on:2019-10-16
The personality of the millennial generation and the Z-generation self-subversion triggers a highly impactful sports style, and the future technology brings order and fun rather than crisis. While paying attention to the high-quality sense of use brought about by the upgrade of technology, it is influenced by the futuristic style, showing a simple and realistic style.Unique gloss texture is the key to the appearance of the fabric. Waterproof nylon with glass light and a knit stripe fabric with a sense of campus, creating a new effect of material contrast. Inspired by the paint effect, the tin foil appearance coating material renews the traditional jacket shape.In the prediction of the future sports style, the oversized silhouette is the key, and the outdoor protective clothing becomes a fashion item that cannot be ignored due to the quilting of technology. In this series, the zipper details are treated with the same color, and the ultra-wide belt is presented in a sports buckle shape. The disordered and random smudge effect updates the color choice, and the glamour shape of the technical attribute is created.Space silver as the core color is still active in the futuristic design, the bold use of plastic powder, resurrection purple, new mint green makes the dull autumn and winter glow fresh colors. It can be combined with Tannin Blue to emphasize the new application of technical protection while forming a new trend of urban performance.