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Inspiration of 2020 FW

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-08-26

In this rapid changable times, we should not always follow the old thoughts. Sometimes we should open our mind and get something new.

Such as, although outdoor sports are relatively stable in terms of overall outdoor penetration and customer unit price, the number of outdoor sports consumers has a clear upward trend, and the market potential is huge in the future. From the consumption data point of view, first-tier cities and new first-tier cities are still the main consumption areas; post 70s and 80s as the main consumer groups, their brand TGI preferences have shifted from the original high-luxury brands to outdoor and street brands.Meanwhile, women gradually joined in the urban outdoor sports: the proportion of female consumers in the overall consumption structure is close to half, which has given birth to a major trend of face valueof outdoor products. More fashionable, more trendy, and more everyday become the three major trends of urban outdoor products. Pay special attention to the business opportunities of product positioning and style in the hiding space. For example, add outdoor elements to high-luxury, business-oriented brands, and add business and fashion elements to professional outdoor and trendy brands.The younger generation who pursues comfort, with 90s and 95s as the main consumer groups, pay attention to products that can help them save time and energy at home.