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Design Tips

  • Author:BBA GROUP
  • Release on:2020-02-07
Classical decorative shapes have a daily urban vibes. The version has a long slim fit top, with straight trousers, a casual and improved dress with a feminine sensibility. The natural print of the layered effect is more subtle. Leather, Scottish plaid fabrics, worsted twill fabrics and other Western-style fabrics are mixed and updated with an asymmetrical version. The urban minimalist design updates the overall appearance, and different proportions of ordered color blocks are used to enhance the decorative visual effect. The high-necked shirt has evolved into a new trend, and the tight-fitting model brings a multi-layer layer effect, and the classic traditional pattern such as plaid is upgraded with a high-rise lapels and a semi-high-necked top. A large number of pleat designs emerge, and the casual tone is the focus. With exquisite brim shapes such as ruffles and hem, it can be paired with elegant pencil skirts, pleated skirts and other sophisticated models. The long and wide blouse is the perfect expression for the perfect elegance. The simple and classic cut and delicate fabric is the key. The new silhouette is conceptually tailored and new details. A subversive approach to retro-style trims, with lace as part of the outfit, designed for dresses, single-piece garments, outerwear, black and white or color matching.