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How to wear wide leg pants to look better

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-07-10
Hi, sweetie~

Everyone wants to have wide-leg pants.Well, how do we wear them to look better? Lady Drawstring Waist Wide Leg Pants,China Lady Pants Manufacturer

Generally, wide-leg pants are light cottontexture, very soft and light. Simply matching with high waist vest, T-shirt ora camisole top to easily get long legs ~A pair of wide leg pant can not only make you look more gorgeous,but also make you feel so comfortable because it will not stick on your legs.In addition, u can choose to wear a high heels or flat shoes even a pair of sports shoes.It will create different styles for you as per what you match! Sometimes, with it, u will look like an office lady, or an elegant women or a young hot girl!

Highlighting the waistline: the high-waist design is the gospel of not tall girls. Just imagine: a white collar, fresh andclean. Flat tassel sandals matches with the wide leg pants-The short-hairedgirl's showing the collar bone is very charming.

Loose Ladies Stripe Wide Leg Pants,China Stripe Pants Manufacturer