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Gentle Craftsman Style

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-10-10
Sometimes we can try no longer to emphasize the classic style of quality, but advance the new dimension of the pursuit of emotion and personality experience. Inspired by practical tooling, the combination of purely tough lines and minimalist and modern aesthetics adds a woman's unique confidence and femininity to create a versatile and functional urban outdoor style with minimalist aesthetics.
A soft look throughout the collection, an orderly smooth surface texture becomes the key to design. Smooth calendered cotton and mercerized wool are smooth, lightweight, blended with linen for a dry touch; the knit fabric is soft and comfortable, and the composite or double-sided design makes it crisp; the smooth drape texture breaks the inherent weight Characteristics.
The need for a versatile piece of comfort is constantly increasing. Fine wool or tailored fabrics show more refined details, and both vest and jacket models are key. The soft curved contour upgrades the minimalist version, combining the sleek hood, loose fit, and shoulder contours to create a minimalist aesthetic and versatility.
In addition, the advanced warm color group consisting of brown color, baby brown, beige and other colors, clean and delicate. The soft and elegant gray tones of amethyst are embellished to interpret the high quality of life in autumn and winter.