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Fabric Design Elements

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-09-18
The magnificent palace elements are reshaped in a way that is more in line with modern aesthetics, forming the 2019 romantic spring and summer theme, the material reveals a pretty pattern and a warm luster. The elegant classical pattern uses the burning process to make the velvet material have a sleek texture; the multi-color gold and silver yarn knits the delicate pleat appearance; the monochromatic bright silk adorns the surface like a starry sky. The animal pattern is presented in a more abstract form, with velvet lace and delicate plaid suiting fabric to create a humanistic aesthetic. Under the revival of oriental aesthetics, the traditional craftsmanship style inspired the contemporary design appearance, resulting in a cleaner and clearer planting style.
The texture of the earth color and the earth rock layer constitute the appearance of the fabric of this group. Exquisite mesh fabric with floral lace is fresh and pure, and the twill fabric with floral effect reflects the sense of craftsmanship. Irregularly pleated cotton fabrics, refined woven plaids and soft knits create a comfortable and simple urban practical style.