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Do You Want to Have Velvet Wear?

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-12-30
As a fashion girl, you must prepare your wardrobe in advance and gracefully spend this season of alternating.A velvet piece is one of good choices, and the flowing elegant texture brings a very textured look. With cool colors, lively yet elegant. So what are the flimsy and fashionable velvet items?The flimsy velvet shirt is the best base for this stage, which is both fashionable and textured. The overall stylish moment!One of the most challenging tests for seasonal girls is the instability of temperature.
As one of the popular items, the shirt perfectly solves the big problem of temperature swing. Casual and retro with animal print wide-leg pants and fresh white canvas shoes in the same color.Whether it is a slanted shoulder or a V-neck velvet top, it adds a touch of charm to the original thin top, and the V-neck velvet top with ruffled edges and slim jeans make a sexy look.The velvet hoodie is sporty and generous, with Martin boots for a handsome retro street girl. And you can also use the layering of the shape to highlight your fashion. In addition to hoodie and short , the delicate velvet dress is also worth picking. Beautiful and elegant with stiletto heels.