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Can't Wear a Skirt in Winter? You Must Have Forgotten It!

BBA GROUP 2020-01-02 12:13:25
Many people say:'' my legs are fat so doesit mean that I cannot wear dress or skirt in winter?  Well, you must haveforgotten the friendly Midi Skirt. The length is slightly over the knee butless than the ankle. Generally speaking, a style that is 5-10 cm longer thanthe knee is more common. Covering the excellent length of the thigh, so manygirls with flawed leg lines feel the friendship of the fashion circle~ so whywe say that is the gospel in autumn and winter? Because you can choose to hidea few legging in the skirt, put on a pair of boots, you can keep warm, at thesame time can be beautiful ~ However, if you are not afraid of cold or livingin a warmer area, you can also choose a barefoot with a single shoe or an ankleboot to reveal a piece, so it is more fashionable, and there are more options,you can change to play your own styles.