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Are You still Choosing what to wear?

  • Author:BBA Group
  • Release on:2019-07-18
A study aiming at 2,000 women, commissioned by UK uniform supplier Simon Jersey, finds averagely, the women from age 18 to 65 spends more than an hour per week in choosing what to wear—for a total of three days each year, or five months Specifically, about 12 minutes every workday morning, 10 minutes every weekend morning, and about 27.5 minutes before a night out. In addition, half of women also worry about their outfit the night before or before getting out of bed in the morning.

Even with plans already, two-thirds of women admit that they keep on trying different outfits before leaving the house; about 15% have regretted their choices and returned to pick something else.

So if you choose a blouse which you can match all year round, you are not going to be bothered by this. Ladies Latest Loose Point  Blouse withFringe, Fashion Blouse China Manufacturer

You can see,this loose blouse with black dot,is decorated with fringe.You can choose to wear it seperately while you can also match it to a shorts or skirt or a damin jackets.Different matching makes you different styles.Then,you dont need to worry about what to wear everyday. When you have this blouse, you can just match your styles as you think.

As to this free style shirt, you will see more matching functions of it.This shirt has an irregular sleeves. So if you wear it with a pant, you style will become an office lady style while you also have a little free style, which makes you looknot that plain.

Satin Shirt with Loose and Irregular Cuffs,Chinese Newest Shirt Manufacturer