Fabricant et design professionnel pour les vêtements pour femmes
important fournisseur de vêtements de marques de renommée mondiale
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+ 86-27-85481047

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How time flies! There're only some days remain in 2016. December is a very busy month in China.

Even the delivery companies can not delivery goods on time these days, because of the quantity of goods and bad weather in some areas. The Christmas already passed and New year is coming too.

Many companies will be on holiday from Dec.30th,2016 to Jan.2th, 2017, our company Wuhan Bocherer Trading Co., Ltd.also will be on holiday from Dec.30th,2016 to Jan.2th, 2017. Only three days, but it is the happiness holiday time for us to star a new years.But as a trading company, we do not have long holiday, because our customers are working.

2016 is a year not bad, Our company also got no small achievement.Evening dress,Fashion adies dress and so on, we already got a lot of order. Hope a better year 2017 will coming, and let us welcome it together.

Wish you a prosperous New Year 2017!!!