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Use and Daily Maintenance of Vacuum Cleaner

  • Author:Dolphin Wong
  • Release on:2016-11-28

        1.Use and Daily Maintenance of motor

        Vacuum Cleaner mainly used for house-cleaning at home, the power is from 700w to 2000w. The motor usually is  Industrial vacuum cleaners, as are external Turbo motor can be 24 hours of continuous work, but carbon brush Motors because the heat slowly, the maximum working time is three hours.

        2.Use and Daily Maintenance of complete machine.

        Due to heavy vacuum cleaner use, brush, dust bag and filter accessories, vacuum tubes and other parts will soon be attached to a lot of dust, fibers and other items. And then the suction power will be smaller, so we need to pay attention to maintenance of vacuum cleaner itself.

        In a word, in order to ensure the stability of vacuum cleaner performance, in the process of operation, notice that:

        1). To ensure motor can be cool down timely, vacuum cleaner continuous working time should not exceed 3 hours;

        2). Please clear dust hood, dust bag, brush at the end of each day. The best way is that two vacuum cleaner to clean each other, thus ensuring make full use of suction of vacuum cleaner, also prevents dust entering the motor effect motors life.

        3). Regularly clean the vacuum cleaner inside and outside, effectively extending service life.