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The Classification of Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Author:Leo
  • Release on:2017-01-13
The vacuum cleaner can be divided into the following three categories:

        1. Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
        The earliest vacuum cleaner is with dust bag vacuum cleaner, technology have matured, with great suction, but it is hard to use and dust bag cannot be reused, as a resulted in waste. So, bagless vacuum cleaner comes into being, but bagged vacuum cleaner due to the large suction, low prices, is still the first choice for many users.

        2. Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

        It is an updated version of bagged vacuum cleaner, with large suction attenuation. But the dust cup is easier to clear,and can be recycled. It has became the mainstream of vacuum cleaner,and the sales volume occupies 70-80 percentage in global sales accounted. The market recognition still keep higher.

       3. Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner

        Technology has just been developed, known as suction loss-free, many of the advantages that advocates cleaner on the market today. But the biggest drawback is that the suction loss is very large. Because the technology is not mature, dust separation time goes into the motor. This machine is expensive, rapid decline of several suction, you spent a lot of money, but a free subject. This is the reason for this vacuum cleaner in foreign markets have not yet opened.