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Mid-Autumn Festival

  • Author:Fanfan Wong
  • Release on:2015-09-25
    Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Mooncake Festival,lunar calendar 15th August is coming.

    During the Mid-Autumn Festival,sons and daughters come back to their parent's home. Sometimes people who settled overseas will return to visit their parents. We will eat mooncake and enjoy the full moon with family to celebrate festival.

    About origins of Mid-Autumn Festival,there are many myths, the one most widely accepted is Change'e flying to the moon.

    According to the lenged, ancient times a year, ten suns appeared in the sky.The weather is too hot, people no longer live. It is alerted a hero named You Yi,who boarded the Kunlun Peak, transports enough god, God opened the bow, shot down a stretch of nine extra sun.Yi set a matchless magic,respected and loved by people,and many people come here to be his disciple. Feng Meng whose intention is not right was also get in. At the same time, Hou Yi abtains a Elixir of life from Queen Mother.Said, who take this medicine can live forever. But he couldn't bear to leave his wife. And he have had to put Exlixir to Chang'e,Chang'e hid it at her dressing table.Only to be seen by Fengmeng.

    One day,Hou Yi led his disciples to go hunting, Feng Meng pretended illness and remained. After a while, Feng Meng went into and the back yard with a sword, forced Chang E to hand over the Elixir of life.Chang'e knew she was not defeat Feng Meng. She turned round to open the treasure box, took up the elixir swallowed.

    After Chang E swallowed the medicine, the body immediately floated off the ground, out of the window and flew towards to the heaven. As Chang E concerned about her husband,just fly to the moon with the nearest earth.

    In the evening, Hou Yi returned home, the maid cried the day that happened. Looking up at the night sky and called the name of his beloved wife. With his surprise, he found that the moon was especially bright and clear, and there was a swaying shadow exactly like his wife.

    Hou Yi put the incense table,put her usual honey favorite fresh fruit, far to warship the moon as to the love his own wife.

    When people heard the story, have furnished the incense table in the moon, pray for good luck and peace to Chang E. Since then, customs--worship the moon spread in the folk in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    To some extent,the festival changes with time passing by. But tradition of  family reunion, and shared delicious food on this day never changed.