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Beijing's Successful Olympic Bid-Today on History

  • Author:Suzhou AZA
  • Release on:2015-07-13
Beijing,China,with its extraordinary advantages,perfect presentation in five 2008 Olympic bid cities,have won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games.Juan Antonio Samaranch declared this event at 22:00(Beijing Time),13rd July,2001.

On the 112th plenary session of the international Olympic committee selected Beijing 2008 Olympic Games host city of the second round of voting, with more than half of advantage to win the Olympic Games.Beijing got 56 votes,Toronto got 22 votes,Paris got 18 votes, Istanbul got 9 votes.

At present,one of the standard in country strength is whether we have great cultural strength.Beijing won the right to host Olympic Games,was the international community's recognition of China's social progress.

After 7 years,China successfully hosted the 29th Olympics according to her promise to the world.